How to get started

To start a fully featured video call all you have to do is send a single request to the Eyeson API. The Eyeson services organize video calls in rooms. After you create a room the API provides you with an URL you can use to send a user to the Eyeson web GUI. The web GUI is hosted by the Eyeson team and ensures regular updates with the latest features as well as a stable and well designed user experience. Any mobile visitors will be handled automatically given the choice to join the meeting via mobile applications too.

Get Your Api Key

Before you can create your first custom Eyeson video calls you have to generate a new api key.

Sign in at Eyeson Developers, switch to the projects section, describe your project in a few sentences and request your api key. Soon you will receive an email to confirm the key generation. By proceeding you are ready to use Eyeson with your very personal api key.

The api is free to use and does not require any payment method to be stored and does not cause costs. However, please note that the free service has a monthly limit in terms of usage. If this limit is reached you will not be able to use your key until the upcoming month anymore. For sure you can request an upgrade to a paid plan anytime.

Access the API

API endpoint:

For authorization, required for team-based services, send an HTTP header with:

Authorization: <YOUR_API_KEY>

Responses will always contain an appropriate HTML status code plus a JSON object in the body.

Start and Join Eyeson Room

It’s incredibly easy to get started. All you need to do is implement a single request. This request creates an Eyeson MCU instance and provides you with a link to a reference web UI which can be used right away.

The Eyeson API provides Eyeson room features to all WebRTC and WebSocket capable clients. All communication with Eyeson occurs over Secure HTTP and Secure WebSocket protocols.

POST /rooms
Parameters Type Description
user[name] String (required) Display name of the user


  links: {
    gui: "",
    self: "...",
    websocket: "..."
  ready: false,
  room: { ... },
  team: { ... },
  user: { ... }

Redirect your client to the URL given in the links.gui attribute, to use with the Eyeson pre-defined user interface.

$ curl -X POST \
  -H "Authorization: YOUR_API_KEY" \
  -d "user[name]=Bob" \

Next Steps

The Eyeson service provides an API for real-time data synchronization. The RT API is a modern WebSocket based API providing you with a real time stream of events and enabling you to build a powerful UI in combination with our JavaScript libraries, SDKs and REST API.

Go Further with SDKs

Test your integration by using the predefined Eyeson UI. Build a totally customized UI and UX by using the SDKs. Integrate Eyeson features in your own mobile and web applications. Use additional Eyeson cloud MCU features, available via the API.

Our REST API allows you to build your individual video communication solutions.

Use Advanced MCU Features

Inject live data sources into the MCU (live video, play video file, static image, static text). Specify layers and positions and sizes for live data source injection. Use predefined video call layouts. Enable or disable video for participants connected to MCU. Add or remove audio and video sources (moderator features). Show selected sources in fullscreen mode on the MCU. Connect external video sources like IP CAMS. Connect the MCU to CDN networks for broadcasting. Connect phone lines to your MCU. Trigger and manage recordings on your MCU.