eyeson JavaScript Library Documentation

The eyeson JavaScript library provides a well defined interface to communicate with the eyeson room service API in order to fully control eyeson video conference sessions.

Visit the introduction section to see how you can start your first own video conference with just a few lines of JavaScript.

The overview and events sections guide you through deeper constructs and usage, providing a reference on handling the full feature set of an eyeson room.

To build an interface for controlling media interaction with audio and video we provide several tools that can come in handy, like a sound meter that provides current volume level of microphone input, a device manager, screen capture session handler, and many others - to be found in the utilities section.

We use this library to run and extend eyeson.team, as well as any integrations. If you need any further information not to be found in the documentation or you are not sure the eyeson services will fit your needs, leave us a message or GitHub issue, we’re always up for a challenge.